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How To Make Money In Your Spare Time 

The internet is a wonderful place of opportunity and has given me the ability to create this blog and share what I have learned about life with my users. It also allows me to write about what is currently on my… Continue Reading →

Watching The Game In Style

With summer coming to a close that means football season is right around the corner. I am extremely excited to get back to USC to hopefully watch a game this year. I will absolutely be ready to attend a game… Continue Reading →

Content Producers and Digital Rights in Gaming

There has been a new chapter opened in the book of items concerning digital rights. This takes place in the realm of gaming and the video game developers against their own players. This is mostly due to the recent explosion… Continue Reading →

How Important Is a College Education?

With my background and degree in law, you might think that I would be a proponent of attending a major university and ascertaining a degree. But, that is not always the case in my opinion, contrary to what society has… Continue Reading →

Relaxing with an Educational Game Called Minecraft

One of my favorite activities other than keeping up with this blog is relaxing with video games. The only problem with this is that most common games on the Xbox are full of trolls and kids shouting profanities over their… Continue Reading →

How I Stay In Shape Working Long Hours as a Lawyer

One of the hardest things about transitioning into being a full time lawyer is that it is much more than a full time job. Not only are the hours at the office long, but the cases also follow you home… Continue Reading →

A Law Students Take On Gun Legislation

As a law student, a lot of what I study is how previous court cases are can be applied to today’s events. This is considered case law, or precedent, and is what most judges look to when dealing with a… Continue Reading →

Parenting Tips For New Dads

When a couple discovers that they’re pregnant a lot of the attention goes directly to the mother.  For her entire pregnancy she will be the one that needs extra care and compassion, and rightfully so.  All that while the father… Continue Reading →

Law and Air

It can make you weary to imagine the amount of times, as a law student, that you are sitting in a inquisitive stance, only to be distracted by an outside influence. These disruptions are destructive to the creative thought and… Continue Reading →

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